Handmade Genuine Leather jutti - Pastau
Handmade Genuine Leather jutti - Pastau

Handmade Genuine Leather jutti

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Our Dancing Flowers is inspired by the joy that makes you dance. A pure base, engulfed by colours, embossed with dancing beads over and around. A perfect match for happy-go-lucky days, let this work of art make you whirl around in happiness.


Our undeniably beautiful juties take the shape of your feet, the more you wear them the better they fit. In case of a shoe bite form a new pair of juties, coat the inner lining with a mustard oil to make the leather softer. For your pair to last longer, wrap each in a muslin cloth. This breathable fiber won't allow moisture to lock in and its soft texture will ensure your embellishments stay in tact. Keep your juties dry and away from moisture. If exposed to moisture, sun dry them before storing them away. Do not wash them rigorously. Gently wipe them with a dust cloth or at most use a damp cloth along with a mild cleanser.

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